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by Convulse

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Intro 01:26
[no lyrics]
I've seen the rivers flowing into your arms I've heard the wind gently singing in the trees I've seen the snow covering the land but why the branch bent down and broke off to the frozen ground Touch me and give relief join this drop in your seas Shall your wind rise from the bones to dust and shall it reach the place where the flowers bloom, though my eyes are bathed in mourning tears, please offer us to your good wishes and may our lives be fulfilled
In the middle of the green valleys deep inside the gloomy hills conceals the origin of all that is in existence Thousands of years ago people were pieces of us all but now the virginity is gone and the green is grey All of the time digging your own grave blind to see the omen of bloody end It was time to sow but now it's time to reap and your time withers away like flowers in my meadow
My eyes are not blind but still they can't see to the other side sometimes they're in our minds reminding how it sometimes was I repent my own existence I want to look back inside embryonic world My eyes... but still... sometimes they're... reminding... Years of the decay are back and I'm insane Strange voices whisper my name calling me to join their game while I'm in sleep, so deep and sweet the past wakes me up and I've learned to see
Memories 03:52
We ring your bell or knock on the backdoor we creep like thieves in the blackest night even shadows are missing so you can't resist fast open your door and truth hits like a fist Just the moment of the sun until my clouds come again and bring the rain one minute the feeling that everything is bright and then darkness steps in Pretend to be oblivious but something still gnaws immortal life sin inherited of my deeds
In the midst of our greed we opened the door thinking all is ours but no one can rule the sun or sea no one owns the land or trees White man's dream is just kill and lead you're only passions are but rape and unleash the beast We offered peace without any tricks but you just let us down I'd started your own feasts Should I be proud of brother's crusades should I celebrate all those five hundred years Now we want to just close our eyes and deny to see our crimes the nation cries, while it dies but no one listens to, 'coz we live in lies (mother moon behold me I'm waiting for the dew to relief father sun, behold me I'm waiting for the beams of tomorrow Throw the sorrow back tomorrow...)
Mother of the high seas please guide me home or leave me alone father of the plains and prairie behold me and see my crying... Back yesterday... crying back yesterday... back yesterday... crying back yesterday...
Executioners and tortures run after my body they reach me and wrap me like a baby in a shell Guide me out, please, lead me free Darkness and depression rape my true self piece by piece my memories come into sight I wander in wasteland and cannot stay anywhere and I wonder how long it lasts this way I've been sent, no one sees these contacts which exhaustingly are gnawing, blames throw me from equilibrium but truth is forbidden
The path is cold and dark no stars in the sky leafless trees scratch the new arrival touching with cold hands the foreigner who searches for his place Spirits of lonely ones hail the wanderer and lapse back the quietness to sow the seeds from which we are fed It has become time to leave the paralyzed seas and open the door of the new beginning March this way with your heart close your eyes from the past don't fall from this path 'cos then the morning light comes again


Two years after the release of "World Without God", Finland's early purveyors of death/grind/thrash return with their sophomore album, "Reflections". Unbeknownst to the band and fans alike at the time, this album would prove to be Convulse's last.

"Reflections" finds Convulse exploring new territory, as the album exhibits a clear departure from the band's earlier, old school death metal inspired material. Rather than pummeling the audience with blast beats and grinding guitars, the band places emphasis on creating a sense of groove by means of clearer production, softer guitar tones, thrash driven solos, and, at times, a downright jazzy, Black Sabbath-esque sound.

Much like "World Without God", this album basically went unnoticed at the time of its release; however, today it is regarded as a classic metal recording from the early era of the Finnish scene.


released June 1, 1994

Relapse Records


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Convulse Finland

Featuring Rami Jämsä (vocals/guitar), Toni Honkala (guitar), Juha Telenius (bass), and Janne Miikkulainen (drums), Finland’s short-lived death metal band Convulse only issued two albums during brief their career, neither of which brought them much recognition at the time. But hindsight is always 20/20, and they have been retrospectively credited as one of their country’s first extreme metal bands. ... more

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